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PC Matic support could be a Way To Whitelist A Program That Is restricted by PC Matic SuperShield

PC Matic is ultimate for all kinds of PCs but often-times, you might get a trouble while PC Matic blocks plenty of your important programs, You can get your program accessible by moving over SuperShield protection settings.

How to get a PC Matic Help

How to whitelist a program

  • Click on Green Shield icon put on the taskbar
  • While PC Matic SuperShield blocking Window comes front of you click on the red button that will allow the program to access
  • If you have to blacklist a program, remove it from whitelist by clicking on the green button that will permanently delete it from the whitelist
  • At the end take the SuperShield protection back into its default level
  • PC Matic is even exclusive for Apple devices

For Apple (Mac, iPhone, iPad) users PC Matic is the best choice as an antivirus security solution, often times while you using iPhone, your iPhone ID is disabled to work that could be due to virus attacks. As you download a PC Matic Total security software, it would protect your device from all kinds of dangerous threats.

Is your Mac working slow

Virus attacks could make slow down your device, The only way to protect a device is downloading an effective and powerful antivirus as a SuperShield protection.

Common issues stuck with iPhone

  • iPhone id disabled issues
  • Data transfer issue
  • pas code doesn't work
  • App download issue
  • App update issue

A potent antivirus is a software that keeps you away from such kinds of issues, PC Matic is the best choice as a potent and fruitful antivirus.

It keeps your device update anytime and saves your important ID, as you downloaded it the probability of lost ID is 0%.

If you are moving forward to download it, you have to follow some of the instructions that are given below

  • Avoid restarting your device while PC Matic antivirus downloading process is

done, you can reset your device as downloading is accomplished.

If still, you experience a trouble, get help from PC Matic Phone Support over the phone call.

-As you turn on your system, PC Matic starts to work from the background of it even you don't have an idea about, this is the reason no any unknown program can enter into your system and the prospect of malware attacks decrease to zero

Warning!! If you are using PC Matic Total Security, don't use another antivirus with it. It may harm or crash your system because of quarrels between antivirus programs


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